Artist Statement

The importance of gathering objects of desire, the inevitable mortality of memory, and nostalgia for the obsolescent are what drives me to make images. Pictures embody a trace of time, fulfilling our desire to connect to the past. I am drawn to photography because of its sentimental nature; With the ability to take form virtually and physically, pictures act as links to our past by harbouring memories and sentiments. I strive to engage the viewer in a way that makes them question their own perception of what is natural, the passage of time, materiality, and the tangibility of our own identity through accumulated objects.

I am currently exploring notions of identity by examining ancestral histories, landscapes, and stereotypes of femininity.



Katherine Nakaska is a photo based artist and educator raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University, focusing on Photography. Her work has been exhibited in Halifax and Toronto, and she has instructed analogue photography classes since 2014. During her time at NSCAD, Katherine curated the 2015 Graduation Exhibition, was granted the Roloff Beny Photography scholarship, and was awarded the Governor General’s Silver Academic Medal for outstanding achievement in her undergrad. Her work has been reviewed in the Chronicle Herald, and she has been featured in PhotoEd Magazine and The Coast Halifax 2015 New Art issue.

Katherine has documented events and art exhibitions for NSCAD University, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canadian Art, the International Conference for Fine Art Deans, and countless artists in Nova Scotia. Katherine is currently working as a professional photographer and artist in Toronto.